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Wait......the season started?

Hello faithful reader(s)!

Now I know we haven't posted anything in a while and we sincerely apologize. (Editor's note: A while? A WHILE?!?! I haven't had a job for 2 months! I had to wait tables and mop floors 16 hours a day just to sustain the extravagant lifestyle of a "blog editor" my family had grown used to)
Baby Hornacek and myself have been too busy with curing cancer and saving kittens that we neglected our great blog. We will absolutely remedy that in the only way we know how: personalized gift baskets! (Actually we're just planning on writing more so... y'know... enjoy).

Like Antoine Walker, we're coming back baby!!

(editors note: How did we ever leave?)

 Let's start with some of Professor J's random, scattered thoughts about the still-somewhat-young NBA season! (editors note: while I try to convince the banks to not reposes my 16 story mansion in Connecticut)