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FAKE NEWS UPDATE: Larry Bird Might Be Considering, Leaning Towards Remaining With The Pacers, Maybe

Unnamed sources can neither confirm or deny that Larry Bird is thinking about strongly considering, remaining with the Pacers long term.

"There's probably some serious 'mulling' going on at the moment" said one anonymous source from a New Jersey payphone.
"but don't quote me on that" he said before quickly hanging up.

Sources from Larry Birds "camp" reported:
"At this point, the smart money is on him most likely, thinking about staying" said one member of Birds "camp" before going on to say:
"but also going, he's thinking a lot about that as well."

When asked for further details, Larrys "camp" also stated: "There's been an increase in the amount of bear sightings in Yellowstone this year, at least where we are"

(editors note: this is of course, a joke, made up, fiction, NOT REAL, etc)