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Wait......the season started?

Hello faithful reader(s)!

Now I know we haven't posted anything in a while and we sincerely apologize. (Editor's note: A while? A WHILE?!?! I haven't had a job for 2 months! I had to wait tables and mop floors 16 hours a day just to sustain the extravagant lifestyle of a "blog editor" my family had grown used to)
Baby Hornacek and myself have been too busy with curing cancer and saving kittens that we neglected our great blog. We will absolutely remedy that in the only way we know how: personalized gift baskets! (Actually we're just planning on writing more so... y'know... enjoy).

Like Antoine Walker, we're coming back baby!!

(editors note: How did we ever leave?)

 Let's start with some of Professor J's random, scattered thoughts about the still-somewhat-young NBA season! (editors note: while I try to convince the banks to not reposes my 16 story mansion in Connecticut)

Lets talk about Kahn

Lets talk about Kahn

With the NBA season now only days away, NBA columnists are busy hammering out power rankings, staring into crystal balls, traveling to oracles and consulting Ouija boards, all in an effort to figure out how this season is “gonna go down.”
One thing most NBA soothsayers seem to agree on is: “the the T-wolves are gonna suck and David Kahn is a big fat joke”. Most power rankings have the Twolves ranked 30 out of 30 (and sometimes 31st when the controversial expansion team the “Pennsylvania Mennonites” are included).
If their's one community who can build an NBA arena to Sterns's the Amish

Don’t lie, you agree. In a league with as many bad GMs as the amount of millions in Jerome James’ last contract the world has still deems Kahn the worst of the bunch.
I'm about to get paiddddd

I personally don’t understand why. Kahn aint perfect, but in a League where Billy King just got rehired I don’t think the bars been set very high. Yeah he traded away Al Jeff for peanuts, and didn’t land us Stephen Curry, but he has to be given credit for his smart choices as well.

Lebron James is not Jesus

So you're a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, weeping and burning jerseys, as you realize you lost yet another chance at a championship (Editor's note: This probably stings more than the franchise givng $70 million to Larry Hughes right? It's a toss up). Meanwhile, Lebron James is in South Beach getting fanned with palm leaves by Cuban-American models.

And you wonder why he left?

Now first things first, let me establish that I will not be a fan of the Miami Heat in this coming season (Editor's note: Be assured Professor J will continue his team-wide man crush).

You may think it's because I have principles and morals. However, I'm afraid it's never that simple, not with me. Yes, I won't support them in part because I wish Lebron James had went to his own team and dominated. It's not really because of that.

The real reason is because I have a thing for "conflicted and brooding" teams. I'm like that girl who always picks the wrong guy, goes for the bad boy type and then ends up getting hurt (Editor's note: God, that is so me).

 Dikembe would never stand for that analogy, not in his house.

Take that girl and make it a sports fan and that's me. I'm a fan of Darko Milicic and the Minnesota Timberwolves. It's pretty obvious I don't go for the right kind of team. (Editor's note: KAHNNNNNNNNNNNN!)