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Lets talk about Kahn

Lets talk about Kahn

With the NBA season now only days away, NBA columnists are busy hammering out power rankings, staring into crystal balls, traveling to oracles and consulting Ouija boards, all in an effort to figure out how this season is “gonna go down.”
One thing most NBA soothsayers seem to agree on is: “the the T-wolves are gonna suck and David Kahn is a big fat joke”. Most power rankings have the Twolves ranked 30 out of 30 (and sometimes 31st when the controversial expansion team the “Pennsylvania Mennonites” are included).
If their's one community who can build an NBA arena to Sterns's the Amish

Don’t lie, you agree. In a league with as many bad GMs as the amount of millions in Jerome James’ last contract the world has still deems Kahn the worst of the bunch.
I'm about to get paiddddd

I personally don’t understand why. Kahn aint perfect, but in a League where Billy King just got rehired I don’t think the bars been set very high. Yeah he traded away Al Jeff for peanuts, and didn’t land us Stephen Curry, but he has to be given credit for his smart choices as well.

Kahn stepped into the GM position inheriting a very crummy team. Not too much talent, a non existent bench and the handicap that no marquee free agent would ever sign with the T-wolves.
Seriously, the only way the Twolves were convincing Lebron to sign with them this summer was with a ton of chloroform, an unlicensed van and incriminating photographs of the Jordan Crawford dunk.
For Kahn to make some moves he was going to have to think outside the box a little. I’m not suggesting he’s the next Van Gogh a genius too ahead of his time, but I feel a lot of his moves have been misunderstood. (Although, if he cut his ear off...)
First off, I’m ok with Kahn tinkering becausse we weren’t exactly the Lakers before he stepped in. If all of Kahns move blow up in his face we are simply back where we started, in the lottery, cold, shivering and alone…
And without Ricky Davis...

So really, if there was a team to tinker with, it would be the Wolves because we really have nothing to lose. Secondly, he hasn’t burdened us with any bad contracts so even his most controversial experiments are low cost. No T-wolf makes more then 5 million a year, so if he fails miserably the transition will be painless. How many GMs in the NBA can say that? Given the tough financial times all around, Kahns fiscal responsibility should be commended.
As I mentioned earlier, not too many free agents were clamoring to sign with us. Kahn had to get creative to  try and amass some young talent. For this reason I love the signing of Darko Milicic and the trade for Beasley.

They each bring a basketball to practice

Two former lottery picks snatched up for Brian Cardinal and 2nd round picks? Now that’s value. Even if both decide that their real passion in life is interprative dance and decide to never play basketball again, we picked these guys up for next to nothing.
Beasley has proven he can play in this League and all his quotes in the media have been very positive. I think he really wants to prove something in Minnesota. If he pans out I think everyone can agree he could be a beast in this League.
Darko is a little more controversial but as I’ve said a million times before what about Darko is so bustlike?
Is he too short? nope he’s a legit 7’1.
Are his hands too small like Kwame Brown? nope.
Curse these tiny hands...

Does he hurt us on D? Nope, he plays above average D and gets a couple blocks per game.
Is he untalented? Far from it! Every team he's been on has raved about his talent.
Does he not care about basketball like Tim Thomas? nope, as a matter of fact, if anything, he is a little too passionate about the game.


Anyway, the only thing this guy has never gotten is a chance. We got two young guys that just need a chance to show what they’ve got and both have received a warm welcome from Kurt Rambis and David Kahn. If anyone is going to get any production out of these two guys it is going to be us. At least we can say that we gave them every opportunity to fulfill their potential.
You can give Kahn trouble for trading Ty Lawson, but you better flick your nose at all the GMs that neglected to draft him as well.
Along with the signings of guys like Pekovic and Luke Ridnour this team has really added depth, youth and talent. While we wont be winning a championship Kahn has taken some gambles and made some original moves to at least make us young and exciting. For the first time since the KG era we have something to look forward to, and that should count for something.

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