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FAKE NEWS UPDATE: Steve Nash Will Be Looking at Team Logos During Free Agency

This off-season Steve Nash will be placing a premium on signing with a team which fields a "bad ass " logo .
"I'm getting on in years, this will probably be my last contract"  Said the 38, but still spry point guard during a press conference.
"This is my last chance to be a member of a really amazing color scheme and design"
Sources reveal Nash is very interested in teams with carnivorous animals as mascots, like the Grizzlies, Raptors and Hawks.
"I had some great success with the Suns" Nash said, speaking warmly of his last 8 years.
"A lot of success, both with the team and individually"
"but the Suns? I mean what does that name even mean? That we're a bunch of hot plasma?"
Nash is planning on using his sway with teams to suggest new logos and design schemes during contract negotiations. He offered reporters a quick glimpse of his sketch pad and many of the new logo ideas featured: Minotaur's, flaming skulls and dragons riding Harley's.
After Nash's press conference the Suns announced they would be putting together a small presentation for Nash about the sun and it's appeal as a logo.
"There's a lot of cool things about the Sun" said majority owner Robert Sarver to reporters.
"For example, scientists think the Sun will blow up one day, that's pretty bad ass."

(editors note: this is of course, completely made up, fiction, a joke, NOT REAL, etc)

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  1. Hilarious. And I'm not even being funny. Because you guys are!